The advanced hand orthosis

exomotion® hand one GEN2

The time has come!

We are pleased to announce that the enhanced exomotion® hand one GEN2 hand orthosis is available from today!

The exomotion® hand one GEN2 offers a number of optimizations. Here are some of these changes and benefits:

  • Optimized noise generation
  • Up to 30% lighter arm splint
  • Reduction of the distal circumference by up to 15 mm and the proximal circumference by up to 25 mm
  • Special adaptations for spastic paralysis
  • Single-channel, dual-channel control and control via COAPT GEN2 grip pattern recognition system
  • Supply possible without Myo signal via buttons or linear traction elements
  • Whole arm supply using the exomotion forearm twist fitting part now possible with pro- and supination
  • Warranty extensions for one, two or three years 
  • Order via graphic configuration sheet

These changes make the exomotion® hand one GEN2 an outstanding option for more patients who need a reliable and advanced hand orthosis.

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