What are the options if the exomotion® hand one is not an option?

For patients who are not eligible for a treatment with the exomotion hand one, there could be the possibility of a custom-made fitting with the exomotion® passive hand or passive finger fittings. This alternative is often chosen when the main aspect is a stretch deficit.

Is the exomotion® hand one waterproof?

There is splash water protection according to IP 22, which means that the exomotion® hand one can withstand the demands of daily use and can also be used safely in environments with increased humidity or light splashing water. However, we recommend that you do not submerge the brace in water under any circumstances or use […]

How does the control principle of the exomotion® hand one work?

The exomotion® hand one is controlled by an EMG sensor. This measures the myoelectric signals on the skin, which are the electrical voltages that arise when you tense a muscle. It is positioned on the skin over a muscle that you can still control. Depending on how many and which muscles you can still tense, […]

How can the orthosis be cleaned?

The orthoses can be cleaned with mild detergents and disinfected with wipes.As part of the maintenance, more intensive cleaning work can be carried out.

Do HKK Bionics products have an aid number?

Reimbursement of costs is not a problem with good preparation and given medical indications, even without an aid number. Your medical supply store will take care of the process for you. You will not incur any costs or co-payments outside of the prescription fee.